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Bow Geo is constantly working to expand and improve our prospect portfolio in concession rounds areas.


Bow Geo has identified interesting prospects and leads in most of the announced 24th round areas.


Bow Geo can provide complete applications for the 24th round or contribute with traditional consultantcy work


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Bow Geo has mapped several very interesting prospects in the APA 2017 area, with great volume potential and DHIs. Bow Geo is also preparing three individual reports covering the APA 2017 area in the Barents Sea. 


Report 1; Semi-regional mapping and prospect evaluation in the Hammerfest Basin APA 2017 area; geological background and analysis of identified prospect portfolio.


Report 2; Semi-regional mapping and prospect evaluation in the Loppa High APA 2017 area; geological background and analysis of identified prospect portfolio.


Report 3; Semi-regional mapping and prospect evaluation in the Western Barents Sea APA 2017 area; geological background and analysis of identified prospect portfolio.


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Bow Geo is screening the area for the 24th licensing round


Bow Geo has worked regionally in the Barents Sea for a long time. We have established an extensive prospect portfolio and we have a good overview of the prospectivity in most of the blocks which are out for hearing. Bow Geo is currently preparing a screening report including regional play evaluation, prospect volumetric and risk analysis.

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G&G competance

Bow Geo provides complete G&G services for:

Regional evaluation

Seismic mapping
Reservoir development
Palaeogeographic setting
Structural evolution
Play evaluation

Prospectivity evaluation

Prospect definition
Volume calculation
Risk assessment
Semi-regional evaluation
Prospect identification, mapping and evaluation
Application documentation in XaitPorter or alternative formats
Project management

Assistance in geophysical analysis

Qualitative and Quantitative geophysics (attribute analysis, rock physics, AVO and EEI, seismic inversion, frequency decomposition etc)
Post stack data enhancement (noise cancellation and spectral enhancement)
CSEM data analysis and integration
Project management of CSEM acquisition and processing


Additional specialist resources                               

Basin modelling
Rock Physics
Seismic Inversion
Electromagnetic Data analysis
Data managment
Pre-qualification processes                                                                                                                                                                                                           Petroleum Reservoir Technology


Bow Geo is currently focusing on semi-regional evaluation and prospect mapping in 24th round areas in the Barents Sea


Bow Geo prospect portfolio:

Bow Geo has a numerous of prospects and leads in our portfolio. This database includes also volume estimates, risking, geophysical support etc.

Bow Geo is constantly working to expand and improve our prospect and lead portfolio in concession rounds areas (ordinary concession and APA rounds).

A full and integrated g&g approach is used in the de-risking. Bow Geo has also access and utilizes EM data in areas where we believe it can make a difference

Bow Geo offers assistance to:

Complete applications and G&G services for concession rounds (APA and ordinary concession rounds)

Preparation for concession rounds (e.g., nomination for the 24th Concession Round)

Regional and Semi-regional reports

Farm-In evaluation

Licence follow-up

Other G&G studies

Data and Expertise

Bow Geo has access to public available data (seismic and well data) via Diskos. However, data licenced by the client may be included.

Bow Geo has invested in Petrel licences and specialist software (e.g. for rock physics, petrophysics, seismic reservoir characterization, volume calculation and CSEM work) to complete full and integrated prospect evaluation studies.

Bow Geo has software expertise in Petrel + Blueback plugins, DUG Insight, GeoTeric, PreStackPro, Kingdom Suites, Hampson Russel, RokDoc, Interactive Petrophysics, GeoX, MMRA, OpendTect etc., in addition to numerous graphical softwares (e.g., CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, ArcGis)


Bow Geo is specialized in subsurface evaluation of the Barents Sea where we have long experience in regional evaluation, prospect evaluation, reservoir analysis, and geophysical evaluation. We have been heavily involved in all concession rounds since the 16th Concession Round on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

In addition, Bow Geo has long experience in evaluation of the Mid-Norwegian shelf (Halten Terrace, Froan Basin, Nordland Ridge, Vøring Basin, Vestfjorden Basin, Ribban Basin etc.).

Prospect evaluation and reservoir development of Palaeozoic carbonates represents a key expertise of Bow Geo. We have been heavily involved in evaluation of Carboniferous and Permian carbonates on the Loppa High and Finnmark Platform. Tommy did his Doctor Thesis on Palaozoic carbonates on the Norwegian continental shelf and has been involved in several publications on this topic.

Bow Geo has also long experience with interpretation and integration of CSEM data together with seismic and geological knowledge in order to reduce risk and increase the understanding of the subsurface. Bow Geo may run complete CSEM projects including follow-up of survey planning, acquisition, processing and interpretation towards CSEM contractors (EMGS, Schlumberger, ORG, Petromarker etc.)

About us

About us

Bow Geo is based in Tromsø and offer g&g products and geological consultancy services to exploration companies within the oil and gas industry.

Bow Geo is established and run by

Dr. Tommy Samuelsberg        Senior Geologist

Ketil Brauti                                 Senior Geophysicist

Bow Geo has also a cooperation with several companies and individuals with specialist expertise in the industry, i.a.

Birger Dahl/Pegis             Basin modeling, Source rock and Migration evaluation

Lazlo Buko                          Petrophysics and Rock Physics

Yu-Lu You/Petif                 Petroleum Reservoir Technology

Alexandra Henderson     Sedimentology, ArcGis and Technical Drawing




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Tommy         tlf:995 13 940

Ketil         tlf:917 71 178

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